The Beat Freaks – The Clique is Back

I can’t believe that I’m lagging on putting this on the site.  A few weeks back I had the honor of shooting a video for the Beat Freaks.  I’m not gonna get into a long winded article about how I’m a fan, and was excited to shoot this, and how the girls were all really cool people.  Let’s just watch the video.  Vimeo is embedded, but for you YouTube watchers, you can CLICK HERE.


BEAT FREAKS – THE CLIQUE IS BACK from Concrete Pulse on Vimeo.



Beat Freaks video shoot in Downtown LA

Got a text from Teresa Espinosa of the Beat Freaks asking to shoot their video.  Of course I said yes.  I got a little bit (actually a lot) of help from Archi who I had recently met.  He posted up a bunch of the still shots from the shoot on his website.  Be sure to check those out, and be on the look out for the video, coming soon!  Just click the pictures to check out the rest.

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